Successful release of an on-board entertainment app in Naviera Austral

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After months of arduous work performed by the teams led by Christopher Burgos and Gastón Mancilla, today, Thursday, January 27, the new virtual on-board entertainment platform was successfully released for all vessels owned by Naviera Austral.

“This app,” explains Héctor Soto, CEO of NASA, “is intended to improve the customers’ experience when traveling in our ships by making available a range of benefits which they can access by downloading the app without requiring a mobile phone signal.”

Among the most notable app’s features, it is worth mentioning the wide variety of movies, books, and games, in addition to travel information such as the vessel’s position while on route, schedules or nearby ports, and a section where our customers will be able to see services provided by different tour operators in the area.

When referring to the benefits of this app, Héctor Soto comments that, “it seeks to provide NASA’s customers with the most enjoyable and entertaining experience possible, while at the same time keeping them informed about the status of their trip and promoting tourism in communities where Naviera Austral offers the Connectivity service, contributing to their economic development.”

Additionally, the app will facilitate the monitoring of the experience of NASA’s customers in real time because it includes satisfaction surveys related to the service provided at all times, so that we are able to receive feedback that allows us to timely and effectively implement corrective measures and improvements to the service.