Agental is part of a successful operation for world-class mining project

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On April 19 of the present year, Agental successfully completed Phase II of the Puerto Quebrada Blanca project, one of the largest copper operations in the world led by the mining company TECK. In this stage of the project, and due to the participation of the launches Río Salado and Río Camarones, Agenta rendered launching, navigation and sinking services of underwater pipelines, located 400 meters offshore.

This operation was conducted 50 kilometers south of Iquique, between the Sal Lobos harbor and Collahuasi Terminal in the Tarapacá region, under the current mining site of the Quebrada Blanca operation.

This achievement was accomplished because of the joint work of the Launch Coordination teams, led by Carlos Terraza, Launch Coordinator for Antofagasta, Fernando Rodríguez, Launch Coordinator for Iquique, and Agental’s OHSQ Department.

Juan Gabriel Parra, Zone Agent for Agental, explains that “these operations, which began in December 2021, were successfully completed on April 19. We are tremendously proud with the results obtained from this operation because we were able once more to demonstrate our services’ excellency and the ongoing professionalism of our crews, even resulting in congratulations from the contractor company, Sigdo Koppers.”

Thus, Agental completes this major operation, demonstrating once again the quality of services offered by the teams behind every project on a global scale.

We congratulate Agental and all those who participated in this important challenge.