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Who we are

We are a multinational holding company which has more than 110 years of experience. We are part of two leading players in the logistics and maritime industry, Castor Inversiones Ltda. and Agencias Universales S.A. (Agunsa).

Our company has four lines of business; Towage, Agency, Salmon and Connectivity. With over 1,500 employees and more than 150 vessels, we operate in different harbors of Latin America and the Caribbean, rendering top maritime services and solutions to our customers, which has made us become an essential pillar in their logistic chain.

What we do

In CPT Group, we are committed to providing comprehensive maritime port services, working closely to meet all the needs of our customers regarding the shipping industry.

We focus on rendering a high-quality service at all times, creating and maintaining bonds of trust with our customers thanks to the closeness and expertise of our senior executives and their teams.

How we do it


We aim to be the best option for all our lines of business, operations, and ports, delivering efficient, effective, and timely solutions that allow us to bring our customers the highest value for their requirements and needs.


It is clear to us that we must always be up to date regarding knowledge, technology, and value proposal. In this sense, we are also aware that it is necessary to invest not only in our vessels through R&D, but also being innovative and attractive for our employees, developing a value offer that allows us to have the best people on board.


As experts in navigating in all types of waters, demonstrated by our 100+ years of experience, we understand and are willing to take the helm and adopt any required changes when necessary. We are not afraid to grow and advance.


Honesty and loyalty to our customers and fair play with our competitors is our way to act and behave. We honor our commitments and know that, to deliver a distinctive value to our customers, we must be serious, responsible, and honest in every location in which we operate.


Our most important characteristics are our effort, dedication, discipline, and perseverance, which are reflected in our commitment. All decisions we made are focused on meeting our customers’ needs 27/4, in all countries in which we operate, making us a strategic partner for them, generating trust by way of our timely and effective solutions.


Our people are the driving force of our organization. We aim to keep them safe and be one step ahead of any possible risks. To this end, we are certified in different methodologies and standards that allow us to proactively protect those who we value the most.

Global Presence

Thanks to our different subsidiaries, we have developed an operating network that is present in different harbors of Latin America, ready to support and protect our customers’ best interests.